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A Message From Tom Sawyer


Integrity, Experience, Knowledge

Did you know that Tom Sawyer...

...authored and built a bipartisan coalition to enact the National Literacy Act of 1991 which established the National Institute for Literacy.

...authored and enacted The Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Improvement Act which aimed to improve elementary and secondary education in math and science.

...authored several sections of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which sought to improve the use of technology in education and develop technological literacy for students.

...served as Chairman of the Ohio House Education Committee.

...represented the Ohio House on the Ohio State Board of Regents, the governing authority of Ohio's state-run institutions of higher education.

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Education is Vital for Economic Development

  In all my years in Congress, no lesson has been more clear. That's why I've worked hard to make college more affordable, to upgrade science and math teaching, promote literacy, and expand early childhood education. 

  My track record shows I know how to make education work, and I know how to rebuild systems

                      ,,, without raising taxes.

   In the past 30 years I've been involved at nearly every level of public education policy, first as a teacher, then a state representative, later as Mayor of Akron, and then in Congress where I wrote legislation to improve literacy and math, science and technology education.

   But a place stands out where I have yet to contribute: the State Board of Education. In many ways, the State Board is where the rubber meets the road. It should be an intersection but it has become a roadblock on what should be a two-way street between parents and lawmakers.

   Our State Board has been an underachiever when it comes to governance, curriculum, the achievement gap, and school funding. I aim to turn that around. People ask "Why would a former congressman run for school board?" I say, isn't it high time the Board of Education was just that important?

   Over the years, I've learned how fragile and precious life, health, and safety can be. I've learned how to stand up for our economy, our education, and our communities.

      I know how to fight for our future. And that's why...

      I respectfully ask for your vote.


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