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Representative Tim Ryan: Ohio 17th District, The Akron Beacon Journal, The Record Courier, The Akron Education Association, The Ohio Federation of Teachers-AFT: AFL-CIO, Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE/AFSCME/AFL-CIO) Local 419, The Stow-Munroe Falls Teachers Association, The Tri-County Regional Labor Association AFL-CIO, The Ohio Democratic Party, The Portage Democratic Coalition, Summit County Progressive Democrats, The Summit County Democratic Party, The Portage County Democratic Party, H.O.P.E. Help Ohio Public Education

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Tom Sawyer: The Campaign in the News

Nov 8, 2006

The Akron Beacon Journal

``This is very gratifying,'' said Sawyer, a former teacher. ``Education has been the passion of my public life from its beginning.''

Read the article in its entirety here.


Nov 6, 2006
The Akron Beacon Journal
"In what looks like a desperate effort to hold her seat on the state school board for another four years, Deborah Owens Fink is throwing mud at her leading challenger, Tom Sawyer."
Read the editorial in its entirety here.

Oct 26, 2006
From Case Western Reserve Science faculty: an open letter to the voters
Here's the text of an open letter signed by an overwhelming majority of the science faculty of one of Ohio's universities:
"Current Board Member Deborah Owens Fink has referred to the National Academy of Science, the nation’s most prestigious scientific body, as “a group of so-called scientists”, and more generally to all scientists as a “dogmatic community”. During her tenure on the State School Board she has continued to sideline important issues associated with improving public education in her effort to debase and distort the teaching of science in high schools while attempting to cast controversy on biological evolution in favor of an ill-defined notion called Intelligent Design that courts have ruled is religion, not science.

We represent the bulk of faculty in the science departments of the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, one of the premier research institutions in Ohio, and our views thus reflect the views of the majority of the science community in Northeast Ohio. Science Education is of vital interest to us and to the economic future of the state, and thus we have chosen to come together in this unprecedented way to voice our concerns. Voters in the 7th district have a unique opportunity to send a message to the Board that they are interested in moving forward with quality science education by voting for someone with experience and interest in the real educational issues facing the state.

We urge voters to stand up for quality science education by supporting the candidacy of Tom Sawyer on Nov 7th."

Oct 26, 2006
Tom appears on WCPN's "The Sound of Ideas."  The days' show is entitled "Evolution's Effect on Voters."  If you missed the program you can access it here.  Look down the page for the Thursday, Oct 26 entry.  It's a big file so give it a little time to load. 

The Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 26, 2006
Too many charter schools fall short of a passing grade.  "...the "deregulated setting'' translates into 150 or so exemptions from state regulations governing traditional schools, the flexibility morphing into a lack of accountability, the state failing to take steps to ensure quality."
Read the editorial here.

The West Side Leader
Oct 26, 2006
"Tom Sawyer is challenging Taft-appointee and incumbent Deborah Owens Fink. Tom is the best candidate for the job because he considers the public school funding crisis a key responsibility of the board...In her tenure on the board, Owens Fink has failed to step up and fight for fair public school funding. She has spent her time approving an unprecedented number of privately owned charter schools."

The San Francisco Chronicle

Oct 26, 2006

Professors unite in Ohio's Political battle over evolution


The New York Times
Oct 26, 2006
"In an unusual foray into electoral politics, 75 science professors at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have signed a letter endorsing a candidate for the Ohio Board of Education."

"The professors’ favored candidate is Tom Sawyer, a former congressman and onetime mayor of Akron."

More here.

The Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 26, 2006
"Seventy-five out of 90 faculty members who teach in the prestigious university's science departments signed a scathing open letter, released Tuesday, urging voters to dump Fink, a board member since 1999, and elect Tom Sawyer, the former Democratic congressman who represented the Akron area from 1987 to 2003."

Read the editorial here.


Biologist Ken Miller to Give Lectures in Kent and Akron Friday

Miller Will Speak About the Importance of Ohio's State Board of Education Races

Details here. 

The Akron Beacon Journal Endorses Tom for the State Board of Education
Oct 24, 2006
"Fink has been a prime architect behind a distracting, divisive debate over teaching evolution, completely misrepresenting the true nature of scientific inquiry, making Ohio an object of ridicule."
"Sawyer is keenly aware of the challenges ahead and the unrealized potential of the state school board for leadership. In short, he is far better equipped for the important tasks at hand than his opponent." 

Read the full text of the endorsement editorial here.


Upcoming Event: Oct 26-28
Dr. Ken Miller speaks on Science, God and Intelligent Design--Why all three matter in the 2006 Ohio election.
Miller will talk about why voting is an act of courage & will speak in support of pro-science candidates, Tom Sawyer, Deb Cain, Sam Schloemer, John Bender & Martha Wise!

Akron, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Kent, and Oberlin.
More information here.



The Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 23, 2006
"Board Hopefuls Diverge on Issues : Area candidates share plans..."
"How would you address the poor performance of many of the state's charter schools?"
"Sawyer: Cap their growth, restore the department of education's full oversight authority, use it to hold charters to the same performance standards that apply to all other schools in Ohio and require them to justify their own separate appropriations based on need and effectiveness, and not drain local districts of theirs."

Read More of Tom's responses and compare his positions to those of the other candidates here.


The Record Courier endorses Tom for the Board of Education
Oct 22, 2006
"The job of an Ohio Board of Education member is unpaid, but can have an important influence in the funding of education and the curriculum offered to young people. A former school teacher, who has served important roles in both the Ohio legislature and Congress, Sawyer would bring a wealth of valuable experience to the work of the Ohio Board of Education."

"We recommend Sawyer for the Ohio Board of Education."


Commentary: The Buchtelite
Oct 17, 2006
"At one point, an Owens Fink supporter said, "If you are Christian, vote for Debbie. If you believe in evolution, abortion and sin, vote for Sawyer."
"Christianity should not be a tool for winning elections. It should be a tool for winning hearts and serving the oppressed. Faith should not be a political pressure point that forces people to vote for corrupt candidates..."
"In response to the Owens Fink endorsed radio comment, a member of Sawyer's staff said, "For the record, as a campaign for state school board we are in favor of teaching evolution and take no position on abortion. As for sin, we are against it."  Read the entire article here.

September 26, 2006
After Brown spoke, Ohio School Board candidate and former U.S. Rep. Tom Sawyer briefly addressed the issue of higher education and offered his support for Brown.
"The cost of getting a foothold in this economy outweighs the corresponding reward from this economy," Sawyer said. "Changing that starts with funding education."
Brown chimed in, "that's exactly what we're going to do."

Akron Beacon Journal
September 24, 2006
Volunteers -- educators (current and retired), students (current and alumni) and community leaders -- had earlier heard words of empowerment from the likes of school Superintendent Dr. Sylvester Small, board President the Rev. Curtis Walker and state school board candidate and Buchtel Cluster alum Tom Sawyer.

Akron Beacon Journal
September 23, 2006
[Senate candidate Rep. Sherrod] Brown was on campus at the invitation of the UA College Democrats. Accompanying him was former Akron Mayor and Congressman Tom Sawyer, who is a Democratic candidate for the state school board.
Sawyer said that a key step to making college affordable begins with secondary school education. ``The largest gap in American education is between years 12 and 13, between senior in high school and freshman in college,'' said Sawyer.

Dayton Daily News
September 17, 2006

Cleveland Plain Dealer
August 10, 2006
    The State Board of Education, long a political backwater, could receive national attention this fall for at least one race.
    Tom Sawyer, the former Akron mayor and 16-year congressman, said he is seriously considering running for the state board seat
    "The scientific standing of Ohio's curriculum is important," Sawyer said.

Canton Repository
Aug 11, 2006
    "Sawyer said the board should be more actively involved in solving how public schools are funded"

Cleveland Plain Dealer
August 11, 2006

Aug 12, 2006

Columbus Dispatch
August 12, 2006
"HOPE is wooing former U.S. Rep. Tom Sawyer"

Aug. 12, 2006

Chronicle-Telegram (Elyria)
Aug. 13, 2006

WCPN (Cleveland Radio 90.3)

WCPO TV (Cincinnati TV)
Aug. 13, 2006

Dayton Daily News
August 14 2006

Cincinnati Post
Aug. 14, 2006

Akron Beacon Journal
August 17, 2006
  Sawyer brings "impressive credentials to the school board race. He is a former teacher and, most telling, a former lawmaker who has been deeply involved in education at the state and federal level."
    "Fink referred to Sawyer supporters as ``just a small group of dogmatic scientists.'' Hardly. Their numbers are many. "
    "They grasp the critical need for a rigorous science curriculum, one that avoids detours into the realm of faith. In Tom Sawyer, they have a candidate who recognizes the difference this election can make."

Columbus Dispatch
Thursday, August 17, 2006
Scientific community right to promote candidate for state school board
"The leaders are working on convincing former Democratic U.S. Rep. Tom Sawyer of Akron to run ... The group's members include some of the brightest minds in Ohio"


  "I know how to fight for our future.

           I will make a difference on the State Board of Education.

I respectfully ask for your vote."


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