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We Need a Change

This campaign is about the future of Ohio's system of public education. The current Ohio Board of Education aided and abetted in the systematic neglect of our public schools. For too long current Board has been distracted by divisive, disruptive and distracting issues instead of concentrating on the core mission of the State Board of Education - educating Ohio's students.

The Time is Now

Public Schools have been steadily improving, despite mounting economic pressures. But now schools are feeling the strain. Local school districts have been forced to repeatedly ask their voters for higher levies. They have had to make deep cuts in staff and programs as levies have been defeated. Our schools cannot indefinitely continue to make gains with shrinking resources.
Meanwhile the state has diverted hundreds millions of dollars from improving traditional public school to charters schools that operate with little accountability. This is the backdrop for this race. This is why Tom is running for the State Board of Education. He has the experience and knowledge to offer our children something better.

Why the Ohio Board of Education?

As the governing board of the Ohio Department of Education, the state Board of Education is charged with overseeing elementary and secondary education in Ohio. The Board helps prepare the proposed budget for education, oversees education programs, sets standards and approves curricula.

One key but overlooked power of the State Board of Education is the power, as granted in state law, to “exercise leadership in the improvement of public education in this state.” As the crisis in Ohio education deepens, this is where the Board has been most lacking and where Tom can bring a real change.

Next year we will have a new Governor, potentially an entirely new slate of executive officials and at least one-third of the members of each house of the legislature will be new. This is a golden opportunity for new leadership for real change and the State Board of Education is an excellent platform for that leadership.

Fix School Funding

The Problem: Years of failed leadership

The Solution: State School Board members who lead the effort to reform school funding.

Four concepts for school funding reform--read about them here.

  "I know how to fight for our future.

           I will make a difference on the State Board of Education.

I respectfully ask for your vote."


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