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"Sawyer is keenly aware of the challenges ahead and the unrealized potential of the state school board for leadership. In short, he is far better equipped for the important tasks at hand than his opponent."

We recommend the Election of Tom Sawyer..." 

Read the endorsement in its entirety here--Akron Beacon Journal, Oct 24, 2006

"Sawyer brings impressive credentials to the school board race. He is a former teacher and, most telling, a former lawmaker who has been deeply involved in education at the state and federal level." --Akron Beacon Journal editorial, August 17, 2006

"The job of an Ohio Board of Education member is unpaid, but can have an important influence in the funding of education and the curriculum offered to young people. A former school teacher, who has served important roles in both the Ohio legislature and Congress, Sawyer would bring a wealth of valuable experience to the work of the Ohio Board of Education."

"We recommend Sawyer for the Ohio Board of Education."

--The Record Courier, October 22, 2006

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We are running a grassroots, volunteer-driven campaign with ample opportunities to help.  For more information please e-mail Steve, our volunteer coordinator.


We are running hard and running to win. Like any campaign your donations keep us going.  You can donate online by clicking through the "Click & Pledge" link.

If you prefer to donate by mail. please fill out our donor form, available for downloading here.  Then, mail the form to:

Vote Tom Sawyer Campaign

Martin Spector, Treasurer

4040 Embassy Pkwy, Suit 500

Akron, OH 44333

Media Inquiries

Scott Piepho

Communications Director

e-mail: scott.votetomsawyer[at]gmail.com

Phone: 330-962-4978



Vote Tom Sawyer Campaign

Martin Spector, Treasurer

4040 Embassy Pkwy, Suite 500

Akron, OH 44333


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